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GUIDE: AddThis Audience Targeting Rules

Brands strive to offer the best digital experience possible to consumers—that’s why we invest time, money and a ton of effort into making our websites as great as they can possibly be. The good news is there are tools out there to help.

AddThis Audience Targeting is an overlay tool that allows you to segment and target your site visitors and create custom messages. By offering that personalized touch, you’re enhancing the consumer experience—leading to higher site engagement and increased conversions.

Ways You Can Use AddThis Audience Targeting

Audience targeting tools can be used in a variety of ways. Some of the most common include increasing email subscribers, sales and social traffic.

1. Increase sales

Need to increase sales? Consider using a website overlay to target certain segments of your visitors with custom messaging that will have them much more inclined to buy. For example, you can use AddThis Audience Targeting to offer a “welcome to our site” promotion to new visitors, or a “welcome back” promotion to returning visitors. Moreover, you can target visitors who spent time on your site but just didn’t feel compelled to complete the purchase.

2. Increase email subscribers

Website overlays are a great way to encourage site visitors to become email subscribers. With AddThis Audience Targeting you can easily set up your website overlays to target specific visitors who would be more prone to signing up—such as return visitors or visitors who are scrolling through your content. Moreover, by being able to customize your message to those groups of visitors you’re much more likely to see a higher subscribe rate.

3. Increase social traffic

It can be quite a challenge funneling traffic from your website to your social media channels. However, AddThis Audience Targeting offers website overlays that are specifically designed to help you drive traffic to your social media channels and increase followers. With the ability to segment and create custom messaging, asking visitors who enjoy your site to follow you is a cinch.

How AddThis Audience Targeting Helps You Increase Conversions

AddThis Audience Targeting allows you to dictate not only who sees your message, but also how they see your message, and what action you want them to take.

1. Audience personalization

With audience targeting, you’re able to customize messages to segmented audiences. This in effect offers your site visitors a more personalized experience. And the more personalization you offer, the more likely you are to see conversions grow.

2. Timing

What’s equally as important, is hitting your customers with a personalized message at exactly the right moment—whether that’s after a specific amount of time on-site or right before a visitor plans to leave your site. AddThis Audience Targeting allows you to choose your timing.

3. Increase time on site

With front and center, customized messaging, AddThis’ website overlays allow you to call attention to promotions and interesting content, keeping visitors browsing for longer and less likely to bounce. For instance, targeting new visitors to your website with a special offer related to their interests is 3x more effective at reducing bounce rate.

What Features does AddThis Audience Targeting Offer

1. Easy creation and installation

Creating a website overlay is super easy with AddThis Audience Targeting. It’s as simple as selecting a goal; typing in your message; choosing the audience you wish to target and when you’d like your overlay to display; and modifying color, position and background image with just a few clicks.

2. Customizable

AddThis Audience Targeting allows you to customize your website overlays to match the look and feel of your website with custom messaging, fonts, colors and background images. Moreover, AddThis users can now select from new layouts that give you more control over the placement or text and images.

3. Placement Flexibility

Whether you want your messages to appear at the top, bottom, or in the center of your webpage, there’s an option available that matches your vision.

4. Audience segmentation

One of the best features of AddThis Audience Targeting is its ability to segment site visitors. Currently, with the tool, you can segment your visitors by whether they’re new or returning, the device they’re using, the social source they arrived from, a specific referring URL, their interests, where they’re located, and by campaign names and mediums.

5. Ability to measure the effectiveness

As with all of its tools, AddThis offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your audience targeting. You can measure the number of individuals who saw the overlay and how many of them took action.

Increasing sales, email subscribers, and social traffic have never been easier.

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Last modified:  July 30th, 2019