AddThis Site of the Week: HelloWallet Blog

In this edition of Site of the Week, looking for tips on how to track small purchases (that always add up to larger dollar signs)? How about some pointers on how to financially plan for that family vacation? Enter the HelloWallet blog!

HelloWallet is a friendly, digital financial service for individuals to help them manage their money. They also deliver financial advice using a technology-based model. We love them for a variety of reasons, but think it’s worth calling out that they have a SMILE in their logo. How can you not appreciate a service that looks to make finances fun?

The HelloWallet blog isn’t just a place for company news, but where the team dishes out some high level tips and tricks for being financially responsible. We’re not talking boring, ol’ “don’t spend more than you make” type of topics, but fun articles like “The True Cost of a Twinkie”. And those are the articles always worth sharing! So let’s take a look at how they are using AddThis:

On the blog main page, next to each article preview, HelloWallet has a custom share button with the new sharing menu on hover, along with our Facebook Like, Twitter tweet and LinkedIn 3rd party buttons. This gives regular readers a quicker share option to all their preferred destinations.

On each article page, they again use 3rd party buttons and our native AddThis share counter for the full service menu. The buttons are prominent and near the title, always a good practice for increasing social numbers.

Finally, HelloWallet is also using our Address Bar Sharing feature. AB Sharing allows them to track the articles that are being shared by using the good old fashioned copy and paste method. It is still the most common way to share today and the best mechanism for having insight into all social sharing.

Now excuse us because we’re feeling inspired to go clip coupons and be financially savvy! Thank you, HelloWallet!

If you have any questions about any of the HelloWallet AddThis implementations, please let us know.