Site of the Week: Cheap Flights

It’s getting to be that time of year when it’s time to start planning your holiday travel. And this week, we’re here to help you not procrastinate! isn’t just for plane tickets – they have hotel listings, travel tips and all sorts of great resources for planning your voyage. But hey, we were all ears at the “cheap flights” part too.

CheapFlights knows the importance of social and is using a version of our vertical scrolling sharebar. This sharebar is great for any site that is looking to implement social buttons in an optimal place for sharing, but without getting in the way of any other design or UI factors that might be more important for conversions.

Look at those numbers!

Another great AddThis feature that CheapFlights is employing are our Follow buttons:

Just as we recommend, CheapFlights has these buttons enabled across their site so users who are clicking around, or who might enter on a random page via search, won’t miss their chance to fan or follow the brand. In our AddThis analytics we give you insight into what pages are garnering these clicks to your external channels.

The AddThis Follow buttons are not limited to the ones you see above – we also support YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.


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