Site of the Week: ET Online

Are you already hearing the Entertainment Tonight theme music in your head? Or picturing the lovely, ageless Nancy O’Dell? Well, the online hub for this popular entertainment show is not only a great source for celebrity news, but they also do an amazing job at leveraging the AddThis social capabilities.

While AddThis is traditionally known for our sharing buttons, and that’s been largely what we’ve covered in our Site of the Week posts, we do offer a variety of social tools to help drive traffic and engagement. ET Online uses a number of these tools in some very clever and aesthetically pleasing ways! Let us break it down for you.

Follow buttons

ET Online uses custom “Follow” buttons to encourage their users to engage with their brand on external channels like their Facebook fan page and Pinterest boards. The advantage to using AddThis to power these buttons is that we give an extra layer of insight into which pages users are clicking on them.

Trending Content

ET also uses our Trending Content feed to display their most popular articles. The trending feed is a great way to keep users onsite and recirculating traffic. While feeds such as this are common, we provide a simple and customizable solution that also includes more stats in the AddThis analytics dashboard.

Welcome bar

Another great tool for driving engagement and to help increase conversions is our Welcome bar. ET Online employs our Welcome bar to greet users that are coming in from Twitter and Facebook and encourages those visitors to follow them if they are not already.


And last but certainly not least, ET Online has a great example of how to use 3rd party buttons via the AddThis platform to power your sharing implementation. Using AddThis is the best way to get all of these buttons in one place instead of diving into each individual services’ documentation.

Kudos to ET Online for covering all their social bases with the full suite of AddThis social plugins.

If you have any questions about any of these implementations, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’d love to assist you in getting all of your own AddThis tools.