AddThis Site of the Week: Consumer Search

We don’t want to encourage “holiday skipping”, but let’s be honest, waiting until the last minute to shop for gifts is never a good idea. A week from today is Black Friday and then after that it’s Cyber Monday. All the best deals come early and it’s time to get that list checked off!

But, let’s not get too hasty. Just because something is on sale, doesn’t mean it’s a deal. Research is an important key when spending so much money on gifts for those closest to you. That’s where our Site of the Week comes in!

Consumer Search is the perfect site for weeding through the crap and finding the products that are really worth your money. They rate all sorts of products from yoga mats to snow tires! They also have a great blog with insightful articles like Black Friday’s worth: What you should and shouldn’t buy.

They also use a couple different implementations of AddThis sharing. For example, on the page shown below, they have custom buttons for their most popular services, Facebook, Twitter and Email.

They also use the AddThis toolbox on their product pages and blog to encourage sharing to all the 300+ services that we support in our menu.

So you better get studying! And while you are there, don’t be afraid to use the AddThis tools to share a couple products that catch your eye to your own Santa. ;)