Learning About Web Application Design with NoVA UX

NoVA UX July Meetup

Last night we had a solid turnout for the July NoVA UX meetup at AddThis headquarters. Tim Mannino from Kettul Design joined us to give a talk on creating great web application user experiences.

Tim began with a history of UX, exploring the different roles that can make up a UX team. After describing examples of great and not-so-great interfaces, he created a shopping experience step-by-step, revealing the end result to be Amazon.

Over the years Amazon has tested elements of their experience such as the navigation, and Tim shared a series of before and after examples highlighting how Amazon arrived at the navigation system many use multiple times a week. These examples culminated in strategies and best practices for planning and building mobile-friendly web applications.

Next month’s meetup will feature Chris Merkel from the American Institute of Architects leading an interactive accessibility workshop.

If you work in a UX-related field in the Northern Virginia/DC metro area and would like to join the group, visit us at the NoVA UX meetup page.