Smart Layers & AMBER Alerts Coming Together in Next Week’s Hackathon

During next Thursday’s hackathon, a group of AddThis developers will drop what they’re doing to work on integrating ValueClick’s emergency warning system into AddThis Smart Layers. They’ll focus first on creating AMBER Alerts that will dynamically display on tablets, smartphones, and computers in areas where abductions take place.


ValueClick’s warning system serves geo-targeted emergency messages from various federal agencies to inform users in relevant areas. The hope is that coming out of hackathon, the feature will be an opt-in layer for Smart Layers. This means that when an AMBER Alert is issued, web audiences will be served an emergency message if they visit a participating page at a location and time that match the alert. Frequency caps would be related to the type and severity of the alert.

Rich LaBarca, our VP Product Management, has this to say about the project: “Our massive reach across the web and our skills and expertise in content sharing and distribution make us uniquely positioned to add value to this effort. We’re thrilled to work on this project that may save lives.”

The hackathon is happening next week in our Virginia office, where we’ll be joined by representatives from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), and ValueClick. They’ll all be there to collaborate and support this project.

We’ll keep you posted on the outcome!