August Hackathon Roundup!

We had one of the biggest, baddest, and greatest hackathons at AddThis wrap up today. With approximately 25 projects that were worked on, the team split up all over the place to work on fantastically creative projects. (Is my enthusiasm coming through clearly?!) Here’s an overview.

Hackathon Kickoff

CEO Ramsey McGrory kicked off our August hackathon at the AddThis HQ Cafe.

We Got to Work

August 2013 Hackathon - Ben and Daniel

Though fun, hackathon isn’t all games. We went straight to work on several projects. Here’s Ben and Daniel looking super concentrated. (I tried not disrupting them when taking the picture, but then I tripped on a divider.)

August 2013 Hackathon - Amber

But everyone was all smiles across the office. Like Amber. :)

Down to the Wire

August 2013 Hackathon - Behnaz

Hi Behnaz!

August 2013 Hackathon - Allan

It was 7am when I found Allan working hard on a coding project. I called him the AddThis Lone Ranger.

In the last few hours before the hackathon was over, everyone was wrapping up what they were working on. So when it was all said and done, the team did their presentations and demos. Winners were chosen, and pizza was served.

August 2013 Hackathon - Winners

See the rest of the pictures from our hackathon on Facebook!

And if you’re interested in being part of our awesome team, check out our careers page to see open positions.