Site Spotlight: Avjobs is Preparing for Take-off

Avjobs, known as the Airline Employment Assistance Corps (AEAC) back in 1988, started with the simple goal of helping pilots and flight attendants with career advice. A few years later, they began offering job listings via phone, and later (in 1994) they posted their resources online.

Technology has been a critical factor for Avjobs to keep employers and job candidates connected in the growing industry, and their website rapidly became the central source.

“We upgraded the website to a fully interactive self-service system where applicants enter their credentials directly into our system, and employers enter job vacancies and source candidates,” says TJ Lahey, Career Counselor at Avjobs. “By the early 2000s, the website contained over 2,000 information-packed web pages bringing visitors the most up to date aviation employment resources and jobs available.”

Growth By the Numbers

Analytics were seen as a key resource providing important insight into what the market was demanding.

“We use analytics to help steer new product and service development. We tend to focus our efforts around the most popular topics on the site based on analytics,” TJ says. “We also use analytics as a sales tool to help our customers ‘compare apples to apples’, and understand the truth in traffic volumes and social signals compared to other competitive sites they may be considering.”

In other words, data can be that competitive edge for a company like Avjobs.

“We believe strongly in allowing the customer to discover the truth through publicly provided third party reporting tools,” he says.

Avjobs was one of the publishers to participate in our Smart Layers test program over the summer. Along with other updates they’ve made to their site to improve the experience for their audience, they’ve seen an increase in traffic through shares and follows when they added Smart Layers.


“Our ALEXA Score has improved by over 100,000 points over the previous 3 months as we implemented Smart Layers, and rolled out our new site design to a limited audience,” says TJ.

Being a Resource in a Critical Time

In 2005, airlines made cutbacks that left thousands of airline employees looking for work. Avjobs was able to provide help with their outplacement program, putting recruiters in touch with new candidates. By that time, over 7,000 individuals were using Avjobs to find employment, but more so, a community with their blog and social networks.

Avjobs has used the tools they have at hand to position themselves as a leading resource for employment-seeking individuals in the airline industry. Their advice for other publishers?

“We’ve learned that social activity is much more predominant than we had originally thought, and making social activity easier for visitors leads to A LOT more social activity,” he says.

“Also, properly implemented social tools lead to an enhanced visitor experience, and more brand and content awareness,” TJ adds. “Properly implemented, it can positively impact your bottom line. Choosing the right social solutions partner makes all the difference in the world.”