8 Tips on Getting the Most Out of AddThis

You’re ready to make your site social this year, and you just created your AddThis account. (YAY!) But now you’re trying to figure out where to put those share buttons and which buttons to add. There’s so much to choose from, and you don’t have time to figure it all out. We want to help. Here are 8 tips that’ll help you get the most out of your AddThis tools.


1. Use Preferred Services

If you’re having a hard time figuring out which services to use, rest easy. By using our preferred services, your visitors will automatically see the services they share to the most, and you don’t have to do a thing. We’ll choose the right services to show based on sharing activity from the 15 million domains that use our tools.

2. Enable Address Bar Sharing

Take a look at your address bar now, and you’ll see a strong code at the end of the URL that looks something like this: #.UrhxVGRDtY4. This is our address bar sharing at work, letting you know about a big part of sharing on your site that you may not know about. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out on all that data about what your visitors find most interesting about your site. (And btw, the string of code on your URL does not get indexed by Google.)

3. Add Meta Tags to Your Site

Meta tags are elements you put in the section of your page that help services like Facebook and LinkedIn provide rich content to users. By using meta tags, you’re ensuring your content displays well when it’s shared to social networks.

4. Display a Floating Sidebar

No matter how long your page may be, our Smart Layers floating sidebar will display sharing buttons whenever your site visitor is ready to share. This is one reason why the floating sidebar is effective: if your site visitor is in the middle of your blog post and that section speaks to them, your sharing buttons will be sitting unobtrusively beside waiting for their click.

5. Provide Follow Buttons to Build a Community

If you have a site, odds are you have a few social media pages, too. Our Follow buttons will give your visitors a way to connect and stay engaged with you on social media. Let them know about your social communities when they’re on your website.

6. Increase Traffic Recirculation and Time-On-Site

Our trending content box will surface the most popular content on your site for a certain time period, making users want to see more of your site. It’s as easy to include in your sidebar as our other products, and can increase the time user spend on your site dramatically.

7. Customize Your Tools

Make your visitors feel welcome to your site with our Welcome Bar, or make them smile with a heartwarming message for them in your Recommended Layer. There are different ways you can customize your AddThis tools, so take advantage of them!

Bonus Tip: Just Use Smart Layers!

We’ve done a lot of research to figure out the optimum services and user interface to maximize sharing, and continue to work to improve it. Just add Smart Layers on your site, and you’ll have the most effective sharing system in the world automatically.