Maserati Super Bowl Ad Beats Kia & Jaguar with Most Social Shares

Unlike last year when the Superdome in New Orleans lost power in the 3rd quarter, this year the power outage at the Super Bowl was the Denver Broncos offense. Despite the lack of excitement in the game activity in social media was burning up.


Let’s break down the action from the weekend.

Social Trends

  • Overall sharing was up 1% for the Super Bowl as compared to 2013
  • Mobile sharing grew 67% during Super Bowl Sunday compared to a year ago led by Android––which was almost double than 2013
  • Big winners for social sharing were Pinterest up 20% year-over-year, and Facebook Like up 7% year-over-year for sharing on Super Bowl Sunday
  • Colorado, home of the Broncos, led the nation is social lift during the Super Bowl. Washington state was 9th
  • Facebook (42.9%) led the way on Sunday for sharing content about the Super Bowl. Facebook dethroned Twitter after two straight years of Twitter the top social network during the game


The Ads

  • Budweiser and Bud Light ads were the most shared ads on Facebook
  • Lots of inspirational Italian automobile drivers loved the Maserati ads which edged out Kia’s and Jaguar’s


The Entertainment

  • People were buzzing about Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers all week long, which allowed Queen Latifah to edge out both groups in social lift.


So, although the game itself wasn’t eventful, fans were more engaged during this year’s game!Question for you: did you share content on your phone or tablet during the Super Bowl game?