2014 Sochi Olympics: Let the Games Begin!

The 2014 Sochi Olympics officially kick off today with the Opening Ceremony. Over the next two and half weeks, 6,000 athletes from 85 countries will compete in 15 sports. That means there’ll be lots of social data to report on!


As we did for the 2012 Summer Olympics, we will be tracking top content for different countries, brands getting the most attention, and athletes driving the strongest social engagement.

For the past week, top shared content in the US has been focused on the schedule, security, wild dogs, and hotel conditions. The official site of the Sochi Olympic Games (which has AddThis sharing buttons, btw) is a great source for keeping up with medal counts and your favorite events.

The sports generating the most buzz so far are snowboarding, figure skating, and bobsledding, and the favorite US athletes happen to be participants in those sports. Snowboarders Shaun White and Kelly Clark along with figure skater Gracie Gold are leading the pack for social engagement.

Internationally, Russian hockey player Alex Ovechkin and Sara Takanashi of Japan are garnering the strongest social engagement. Takanashi will compete for a medal in women’s ski jumping in its first year as an Olympic event.

From new events to an underprepared Olympic city, the 2014 Olympics will be a games to remember. Tune in next week as we track top content, brand sponsors, and athletes!

What sports are you most looking forward to watching at the winter olympics?