Valentine’s Day Started February 3rd

Valentine’s Day actually started earlier this year. Well, to be precise, we saw social engagement about the love-filled holiday begin to work it’s way up the scale starting on February 3rd!


It’s a holiday celebrated around the world by people who simultaneously recognize their love for a special someone. But the biggest winners are the businesses. Valentine’s Day is the busiest day for florists, and the second busiest holiday of the year for greeting card makers!

Valentine's Day Velocity

Lots of Love in Virginia

Valentine's Day Geo

We took a look at social trends this past week, and Valentine’s Day was quite popular among Virginia, Missouri, and Illinois residents. They were mostly sharing and clicking content with gift ideas across all platforms and social channels.

Such Facebook. Much Love.

Valentine's Day Services

Speaking of which, Facebook was the most popular service used for sharing. Most notably, Pinterest was used for dessert recipes and craft ideas for kids and loved ones. Overall, people were sharing the most about recipes, roses, and vacations for the upcoming holiday weekend. With the holiday landing on a Friday, and President’s Day on Monday, a getaway doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

What kind of cool gifts did you end up getting for your special someone?