5 Sizzling Content Tips for Your Travel Site

We celebrated the first day of summer this past Saturday, so it’s time to get moving on your content strategy for the travel season. Here are tips we took from the best performing travel-related content that you could use for your own site.


Tip #1: Offer Sweeps, Contests & Getaways

We looked at the types of travel content being shared, emailed, and printed among travel enthusiasts. At the top of the list, we saw lots of readers sharing summer vacation contests, sweepstakes, and getaways. We know people get excited at the shot of winning an expensed vacation, so use this knowledge to give your site visitors contests and other fun ways to win something and get engaged with your site. It can go a long way for your following, and will have readers coming back for more.

Tip #2: Put Together Destination Lists

The second most shared type of travel content are articles with useful lists of resources, such as a “Top Summer Travel Destinations” list. Travel enthusiasts love reading and sharing recommended places where people are traveling.

Some of the most talked about family destinations this year is Colonial Williamsburg, Cedar Point, and Disney World. We also saw Las Vegas, New York City, and San Francisco ranked high for travelers looking more for an urban destination. Myrtle Beach, Ocean City, and San Diego also made the list for a fun beach getaway in the sun.

If you’ve got stats on great things to do in a city for a family looking for a getaway, consider putting that up on your site. You could even gather your top picks into a list. Travel seekers value suggestions on the next “go to” place, and love sharing about it.

Tip #3: Help with Stress-Free Travel

Online travel guides and vacation deals/packages are also popularly shared. People are sharing useful information on traveling with a budget, life hacks, and useful tips on packing, planning, and being stress-free. As part of being stress-free and cost-conscious, we also saw a lot of inclusive deals being shared.

Based on this data, you should think about organizing some recommend travel to-dos based on destination, length of stay, number of people going––get creative! You can even go further and have a destination expert guest blog with some useful tips. Expat Blogs is a great example; it has over 300 blog posts written by local residents in destinations around the world.

For vacation deals and packages, offer helpful topics such as how to find the best flight deal. The Washington Post does a great job putting together suggestions on when and how to find the best flight. You could also think about offering your unique resources on budget-planning for trips to help your readers stay within their goals this summer.

Tip #4: Make Your Content Social

A lot of travel seekers are typically searching and sharing travel content across multiple social channels. The top social engagement platforms have different uses depending on the content people are sharing.

Facebook had the highest sharing engagement, followed by email and print. Facebook is used to share travel experiences and photos after vacationers have taken their trip. Email and print followed as they both are used to get itineraries and other info to have in hand.

In the “other” category, Pinterest and LinkedIn are other services people use to engage and share their travel content. Travel enthusiasts share their travel inspiration on Pinterest, pinning photos on bucketlist “to do” boards and imagery that inspires their next vacation getaway. LinkedIn users also love sharing about summer vacations as it relates to work and some well-deserved relaxation time.

No matter what your visitors are looking for, make sure all your pages are optimized with open graph tags so they look great whenever and wherever your visitors share them.

Tip #5: Give Reading Recommendations

Not everyone is planning a destination getaway; we’ve seen lots of staycation content being shared as well. If this is your audience, consider providing them with content that makes their staycation wonderful.

If you’re a local blog, you can spice things up with a post about “things you didn’t know” about your city, and places your audience should put on their bucket list. Or for the road tripper, have them equipped with summer concert information and weekend destinations that are both fun and affordable.

Also think about the bookworm in your audience. Give them some great recommendations for good reads in the warm weather. We’ve seen lots of people raving over I am Having So Much Fun Here Without You by Courtney Maum, and We are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas.

There you have it! Some turnkey and actionable tips to give a little sizzle in your content during a summer full of vacation traveling. Take the first step to getting to know your audience more by signing into your dashboard to see what content of yours is being shared the most!