Product Strategy and UX: NoVA UX Meetup


Can UX designers be product strategists? Absolutely, says Kevin Vigneault from Viget Labs, who gave a talk about product strategy, and how UX designers can provide leadership in this area, at last night’s NoVA UX meetup.

Kevin began by outlining several advantages UX designers enjoy that are relevant to product strategy: a customer-centric perspective, research and testing skills, and familiarity with both design and development process.

He then explored the ideas of product, product strategy, and how a team makes key decisions about product such as what to build and how much to charge. He also shared a model describing how teams can move through stages of product strategy sophistication: not releasing anything, releasing everything, and hoping something good happens, then finally releasing and iterating groups of features that fit together either because of customer needs or other strategic reasons.

For more details, check out Kevin’s slides. If you’d like to join us at a future event, check out the NoVA UX meetup page or follow us on Twitter.