A Personalized Web is a Better Web

The future of the web is personalized. Cutting-edge sites and applications that many people use every day like Amazon, Netflix, Google Now, and Waze already use data to create powerful new user experiences. Consumers have now come to expect personalized website experiences that save them time and help them discover content.

AddThis is a leading provider of website tools and we’re working hard to power the personalized web. We have strong opinions on how this should be done; emphasizing discovery, transparency, and user control, without surprising users and boxing in their choices. To hear more, check out our blog series on personalization.

Our goal is to help you grow your website by empowering you with ways to deliver more relevant and engaging content experiences for your site visitors. We put our non-personally-identifiable data to work for you in the form of personalized content recommendations and social integration.

Privacy and safety are very important to us. We are fully compliant with all industry standards and we are actively engaged with privacy leaders and standards bodies such as the NAI and DAA. In contrast to the apps listed above, all of our data is non-personally-identifiable. We don’t capture your name or email address when you visit a website, and if you provide them to us to use our email sharing service we scrub them right after we handle your request.

AddThis has the greatest reach according to comScore’s distributed content category and we’re uniquely positioned to set standards for personalizing the web in a safe, user-friendly and privacy compliant way. We are in the the early stages of a data transparency initiative that will give users even more control over their data and web personalization. More on that soon in a future blog post.

This is an incredibly exciting time in the industry. The advances being made today in personalization are revolutionizing the way the world interacts with content. AddThis is proud to be leading the way.

To learn more about our privacy policies or to opt-out please visit: https://0-www-addthis-com.librarycatalog.vts.edu/privacy.

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