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I share a Netflix account with my Grandmother. I also just realized how weird it is to start a blog post with that statement. But I’m going somewhere with this, stick with me.

My Grandmother uses Netflix a heck of a lot more than me. So until Netflix came out with their separate user profiles, every time I pulled it up on my Apple TV, the screen was littered with World War 2 romantic tragedies. To get to anything remotely interesting to me, I had to dig into the Genres menu and start hunting.

Now that I have a separate user profile, late-model sci-fi flicks greet me at the doorstep––often movies that I’d be interested in and haven’t watched yet. Also, “Phineas & Ferb, The Movie” shows up a lot, which inspires me to mature my tastes a bit.

AddThis is inspired by these dynamic, personalized interfaces that consumers increasingly demand and expect. It’s the next phase of computing: when the promise of “big data” becomes actionable, shaping your online experiences to decrease friction, increase relevance, and ultimately improve the way you interact with the content, information, and brands you care about.

But should those personalized experiences only exist for huge first-party publishers and services? We don’t think so, and we’re asking the question:

Can we empower users by enabling influence over their data-driven personalized experience across the web, while engendering their trust of the first- and third-parties that deliver those experiences?

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