4 Content Tips to Engage Your Nonprofit Audience Now


Yes, it’s August. But to make your end-of-year campaign rock this season, you’ll need this time to start planning and preparing. We checked out social patterns from this past month and last EOY season to give you clues on what your audience—those who engage with nonprofit-related content—will be interested in seeing from your content strategy this fall and winter. Here’s what you need to know about your audience.

Your Audience Uses Their Smartphones A Lot.

There are tons of articles telling you to make your nonprofit site mobile-friendly, and if you haven’t picked up the slack yet, here’s the proof to get you going.

During last fall/winter, mobile use was at 18% compared to desktop’s 82%. But in the last 30 days we saw your audience used mobile more, 22%, and desktop decreased, 78%. That’s a 4% mobile-use growth in less than a year!

Rethinking your whole mobile-website design is not an easy feat, so start with what you can. iOS and Android are just about the same in usage among nonprofit fans, 54% and 46% respectively. Last fall, though, the iOS users made up 58% of the crowd, and 42% were using Android phones. But you knew this already.

Your Audience is on Facebook.

It’s true that sharing to Facebook has decreased over time, but your audience of nonprofit fans are still sharing and engaging with content on the network. In the last 30 days, 53% of this audience shared to Facebook compared to last fall’s 49%. Twitter is a strong second (27% this summer). If you’re not present on Facebook or Twitter, now is the time to create that profile and start seeking your social community so you have a relationship before you ask them to give.

Our data also showed nonprofiters love emailing (3%) and printing (2%) online content. Think about how your pages are laid out, and how you can creatively engage your visitors this way. (DIY holiday giving cards anyone?)

Your Audience is Online on Weekdays.

It’s not bad to promote content on the weekends, but our data has shown the U.S. audience’s peak engagement times are between 2 and 3PM Eastern Time on weekdays. It’s useful to know when’s the best time to post on social media, but test this out with your own audience. You might find 10PM weeknights are when you get the most engagement!

Your Audience is Looking for Information About Giving.

The top content shared across our network showed a consistent theme: nonprofit fans want to learn about the organizations they’re giving to and how to get involved, whether it’s volunteering or signing petitions. They were also sharing information about special fundraisers and events, like galas. So having this information clear and accessible to your site visitors is a great start to getting your content shared this giving season.

Now’s the time to give your website that upgrade it needs, too. Take advantage of the different website tools AddThis has to offer to keep your audience sharing and clicking around your site.

Let us know if any of these tips surprised you. Good luck in your giving campaign this winter!