The Verge’s New Responsive Site Proves the Importance of Cross-Device Design


Your users are using your site across every possible device. This is something you need to prepare for and adapt your Web site design to support in order to guarantee that your content can be engaged with regardless.

I was just thinking about my own life. When I’m out and about, I’m on my iPhone. When I’m at work, I’m on my laptop, which sometimes I’ll use by itself and sometimes with a big monitor. At night, when I’m at home on the couch watching TV, I’m likely using my iPad.

Tuesday, popular technology news site The Verge announced they’ve launched a new fully responsive design for their Web site. That means, regardless of whether you look at their site on your desktop, smartphone or tablet, you’re seeing the same Web site optimized for that device.


It’s not different websites for different devices. It’s the same website. The design just responds and changes based on what device it’s being viewed on so you–-the visitor––always gets a great experience.


This is an example of the optimal way of guaranteeing that all of your users can engage with your content in the best manner possible regardless of device.


When you redesign your website to be responsive, make sure to turn on the Responsive Sharing Buttons in your AddThis Dashboard.