Apple Watch and iPhone 6: How New Tech Will Change Your Content Strategy


Starting on September 12th—that’s this Friday—Apple fans will preorder their new gadget, getting it in their hands as early as next week. Revelations from today’s highly anticipated Apple event has fans drooling for the next iPhone and Apple Watch. But you, oh website owner and blogger, have the chance to make a change in your content and business strategy to adapt to this newly forming trend. Here are three things from today’s Apple announcement you should start thinking about.


Pay is Apple’s new mobile payment system, which has already been adopted by over 200,000 merchants across the nation. Chains like Whole Foods, Walgreens, and Uber are now accepting Apple Pay as a method of payment. With all your financial information securely stored, you’re able to pay online or even with an in-store scanner that reads your Pay information right off your iPhone.

Knowing that big leaders in the retail space are already adopting this new technology before it’s been released to the public is a big heads up for you, small business owner, to think that this technology can in fact force you to reconsider how you accept payment on your site. is already displaying Apple Pay buttons on its ticket checkout page, and you should be doing that soon, too. In fact, if you’re planning on adding Pay to your site’s shopping cart, tell your audience! It’s a great opportunity to show you’re keeping up with your customer.

Bigger Screens and Better Images

Tim Cook prided himself in the beauty of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ larger screen size, new camera technology which includes focus pixels, better image stabilization, and a 1080P HD video. The fact that this technology is available for as low as $199 to all consumers should make you think that it’s time to up your game in photos and videos on your site.

If you’ve been hesitant at picking up your iPhone to record or capture images for your website and social channels, now is the time to let that barrier crumble and start making your content engaging with rich media. It no longer takes thousands of dollars in high-end production to get your content to be engaging. It just takes planning and creativity.

As for the screen size, phones sizes are changing yet again. Responsive sites will work extremely well with the iPhone 6’s new layout. As more and more individuals buy technology that requires responsive design for proper display and engagement, your site will need to keep up.

Apple Watch

Set to be released in early 2015, the Apple Watch is the company’s new baby gadget. Unlike the iPhone, the Apple Watch’s small screen size forces content to come in small notification-like formats, making it the perfect device for someone on the go.

One of the coolest features about the Apple Watch is the ability to monitor your fitness. Wearers will be able to time their routines, measure their runs, and tune into their heartbeat. This is big news for those in telehealth. With this technology now being available—in a device as small as a watch—how can your site reach the patients and advocates for your cause to help them live a better lifestyle? This type of technology can change the way expecting mothers can be in touch with their providers, how people in remote areas, such as soldiers, can be cared for on the field from a distance.

Notifications are also an important way to help users be mobile, and having them reply on apps and sites to tell them what’s important and what they need to do without taking much time. In product development and content strategy, this is a trend to keep an eye on. Is your product design giving your users notifications they can easily check and do something about? Or is your content serving up information in good format that can be actionable?

These are just some of our thoughts after this afternoon’s exciting Apple event. Apple fans, what did you think of the new gadgets? See anything that would inspire a change in your site strategy?