Our Selfie Contest Shows #AddThisLife

The winning selfie!

The AddThis team decided it was time to close out summer in style with a selfie contest! We had team members post their fun, funky, and wild self-portraits on Instagram under the hashtag #AddThisLife. The response was great! And we got to see how the team has fun both in and out of the office!

After all submissions were in, we held a company-wide vote. This year, it was our Creative Director, Jeff Wong who was crowned “The Selfie Master,” and definitively proved we’re living the #AddThisLife.

To be fair, Jeff benefitted greatly from having some pretty cool folks from the Virginia office grace his photograph with their presence. But hey, the first rule of the Summer Selfie Contest is there are no rules!

Check out some of the honorable mentions—including my selfie with our CEO Rich Harris and VP of Talent Bhavna Dave!

Rich, Jake, and Bhavna

Big Data is in the house!

Ifdy, our community manager, and her husband while hiking!

Ben, our engineer, gets some fresh air in the country!

Are you looking for this kind of fun in your next workplace? Check out our careers page for opportunities!