Use a Niche Social Network, Like Fancy, to Engage Your Audience


It’s old news that digital marketers use social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to engage their audience. Niche social media sites are growing in popularity and allow marketers to connect with a more specific audience who have a known set of interests and hobbies. Fancy, a social e-commerce network, is successfully helping businesses find their target audience, and proving that smaller networks can have the power of the social media giants.

Mainstream social media platforms have millions of users you can reach, but those millions of users aren’t all users you want to reach. By using a niche site, like Fancy, you’re more likely to have stronger engagement with your user base and more qualified leads. You’re displaying relevant content and products to the right users in the right space.

What’s Fancy?

If you’ve never heard of Fancy, it’s the up-and-coming place to discover, collect, and buy from a crowd-curated catalog of goods. For the consumer, Fancy is a magazine, store, and wishlist all in one. It allows users to engage in social shopping through picture feeds and sharing.

And when we say Fancy is up-and-coming, here’s the stat to prove it: since January 2013, sharing to Fancy has increased over 145%!

Fancy’s layout has lend it to be successful for the way it curates products specific to a certain lifestyle in an image-driven design. The majority of users on the network are 24 to 35 year-olds, and brands have to apply to sell on Fancy. Only brands that fit within the Fancy standards and have the right vibe are able to sell their products on the site. This allows Fancy to attract the right audience so vendors know they’re selling to their target consumers.

While Fancy isn’t the right niche social network for all brands to use, there are countless niche social media sites out there waiting to be discovered. There are social media networks for everyone from craft beer lovers to digitally savvy moms to gothic culture. No matter your brand’s audience, sticking to traditional social media advertising on Facebook and Twitter causes you to miss out on a lot of targeted advertising and engagement to your ideal audience.

Are you already engaging your audience in niche social networks?