WordPress Plugin Now Supports AddThis Pro and Dashboard

addthis-WP-pluginIt’s true, we’ve had AddThis WordPress plugins for a while now. It’s also true that we’ve recently rolled out some amazing new features and tools. So naturally it made sense to update the WordPress plugin to reflect the awesomeness that is the AddThis Pro and Dashboard.

Now WordPress users can easily upgrade to AddThis Pro giving them access to our entire suite of widgets, including mobile friendly, recommended content and conversion tools as well as priority support with live chat. And did you know that AddThis Pro content recommendation widgets see 50% more click through rate (CTR) over our basic content tools?

Additionally, our WordPress plugin is now integrated with the AddThis Dashboard. This means you can add: our conversion tools, recommended content, sharing and following tools to your WordPress site and easily control everything directly from your dashboard.

With the enhancements to your dashboard, you can make smart decisions based on the information provided from the analytics provided. For example, if you want to know which post is performing best, and how your conversion tools are performing, the AddThis dashboard provides this information so you can make the necessary adjustments to further engage your audience.

If you’re an existing user, all you have to do to get started is simply run an update once you’re logged into your WordPress dashboard and the installation process will begin. If you are not an existing user, just install the new plugin and you will be good to go. Once the plugin is installed, you can make edits to the tools, and activate or turn off new ones in your AddThis tool gallery.

Like the new plugin? Let us know! We’re always looking for feedback from you!