6 Things that Recently Inspired Our UX/Design Team


Our UX team recently started a new tradition. Every Thursday for half an hour, we host “Lightning Rounds” where we share cool softwares, apps, or anything new that we’re into—whether or not it’s related to design. It gives us a chance to show what we’re passionate about, both related to work and in our personal lives. Check out some of the cool apps discovered this past month.


I’m an iPhone user and I use my camera a lot. However, the one thing I really want is the ability to change the focus after I take the picture. The Camu Photo app lets you do that, and it’s very user friendly. I fell in love with this app right away! It has a lot of cool features like focus change, a variety of filters, and image rotate. Here are couple cool pictures I took with it:



Jeff Wong, our Executive Creative Director, shared the amazing Marvel prototyping app. It has really cool interactions where you can showcase your designs in real time. It’s in beta right now, and even though I had heard about it, seeing it in action got our entire design team really excited.

Muzli and Palettab

I came across two Chrome extensions that are really useful as a designer. First one is Muzli. This has become my morning inspiration. It shows me all the latest trends in the design world. It curates content from portfolio sites like Dribbble, Behance, Pttrns, Inspired UI and others. It also has won UX and CSS awards.

I also love Palettab. When you open up a new tab, it dsiplays a beautiful palette of colors with different fonts, and if you like any of the fonts, you can go and grab them from Google fonts.
Some of my favorites that I discovered recently were Andika, Marcellus and Junge. Andika is a simple and elegant sans serif font while Marcellus and Junge have a calligraphic origin. And the best part is they’re all free!

Our interactive designer, Behnaz, introduced us to this app called Dashbook. It combines all your social feeds into one app in a very user friendly way. Apps like Buzzfeed, Techcrunch, Dribble, Hacker News, NFL Live, Kickstarter and tons more are brought under one roof for you to browse. They’re still improving the app, but as it is, it’s very useful!

Design Inspirations

And lastly, we got some design inspirations from our VP of UX, Jim Lane. He recommended Monument Valley, calling it “a gorgeous game” and one of “the most visually appealing games” he’s come across. In addition to the images, he says the music is spectacular. Monument Valley has him hooked, and might just get you hooked, too.

Jim also recommended checking out the winners of the Kantar “Information is Beautiful Awards.” These awards celebrate excellence and beauty in data visualizations,  infographics, and information art. It’s open to everyone and anyone!

Now it’s your turn. What inspiring widget/app/site did you come across recently?