Folks Are Looking for Tips on Traveling on Thanksgiving. Got Content?


Thanksgiving is the busiest travel holiday. In fact, 46 million Americans are expected to travel for Thanksgiving this week. Everyone’s mostly concerned with how the weather will affect their travel, followed by content on how to find the best flight deals and dealing with travel logistics (anyone planning a long car ride with kids?). If you’re already offering this type of content on your site, you’re set.

Weather is a Significant Worry

No matter how much travelers plan ahead to avoid delays, the weather is one thing we can’t control. With a nor’easter on its way to the east coast and a snowstorm expected to hit the midwest, weather content has become the top Thanksgiving travel content. This trend isn’t new, and during the week before Thanksgiving last year, weather was also the top content as a storm hit the east coast.

Last Month, Air Travel Content Shared the Most

In September and October, travelers were researching the best time to book travel, changes in airfare costs, and most of all, how to get a cheap flight. Those who’ve traveled by air during the Thanksgiving holiday know how deep into their pockets they have to dig to be able to spend the day with family and friends. These travelers were willing to take any and all advice to help cut travel costs as much as possible. And finding the information to be useful, they shared their travel deal-seeking tips across social—primarily on Twitter.


This Week, People Want Help with Traveling

During this past week, we saw a shift in what people were clicking and sharing. With the big travel day looming, weather and travel tips were on top of mind for travelers going by air, car, and train. Aside from this change in content focus, travellers also took their activity to Facebook over Twitter. Facebook has been the go-to place for air, rail, and road travelers to share Thanksgiving travel content.


Traveling with children is a big concern for parents traveling by both air and car. Keeping the kids occupied during a long travel day is challenging enough, and inevitable delays make for impatient kiddos. Car travelers should check out these tips from Cozi that keep kids occupied (while they learn!) during the journey. Ciao Bambino! has helpful tips for planning ahead for holiday flights with children.

At the end of the day, resourceful and useful information to help people make their Thanksgiving day planning easier is going to be the most popular. Now’s the time to update your promoted posts in your Content Recommendation widgets to get your audience checking out your Thanksgiving evergreen content.