Audience Targeting: Drive More Conversions


For the first time ever, you can target your visitor with the right message at the right time using either our Welcome Bar or Marketing Overlay tool (formerly known as the Conversion Lightbox). Introducing: AddThis Audience Targeting.

The ability to target your audience has traditionally been available only to advertisers looking to target an ad campaign to the specific audience. But now, all AddThis users can use our tools to leverage this same intelligence, and help give your website visitors a more personal experience that drives engagement, and increases conversions.

Audience Targeting will give you the reigns to finally take more control over how your website is presented to different sets of audiences coming to your website. By creating an Audience Targeting rule either in the Welcome Bar or the Marketing Overlay tool, you’ll be able to give each one of your visitors a personal Web experience. That helps increase the opportunity for more signups, subscriptions and conversions, even if this the first time that they’ve ever come to your website!

How to Set it Up

How It Works

You can choose to target visitors with a specific message and call-to-action depending on where they came from, their online behavior and what interests (sports, family, health, etc;) they have. For example, say you want to target those who are interested in sports with a “Sign up for my sports newsletter” call to action when they arrive on your site. Your tools are backed by our massive data (we’re on 14 million sites worldwide), and we’ll help you get that message out to the audience that’ll find it relevant.

You’ll be able to target visitors based on their interests (like what kinds of sites they like to visit) and whether they’re new or returning visitors. You’ll even be able to know if the visitor’s using a mobile device or desktop.

Test Different Messages

Long gone are the days where you have to send a blanket message to the masses! With Audience Targeting, you can test multiple messages to see which resonate best with returning visitors, new visitors, visitors who come from social sites, and so on. By being able to test into these messages, you’ll increase your chances of engaging with your audience and increasing conversions.

Analytics Included

Monitor the success of your Audience Targeting rules right in your AddThis dashboard. See how targeting specific audiences is performing against the norm, and easily adjust your targeting if need be.

Try it Free!

Best of all, Audience Targeting is available for both Basic and Pro users! Using the Welcome Bar, Basic users can set one Audience Targeting rule for their visitors. Pro users can set up more than one campaign with multiple rules using both the Welcome Bar and the Marketing Overlay tool.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are! Sign in to your AddThis dashboard now to set up your first Audience Targeting rule!