How We Increased Conversions with Audience Targeting

Addthis Conversions - Custom Messages

Yesterday we released our latest product: Audience Targeting. This feature lets you tailor messages to specific audience interests. No more one-size-fits-all messaging! The great thing about it is that it can increase conversions. Here’s how we did it on our own site!

How We Got Conversions

A few weeks ago, we contacted several of our publishers to see if they’d be interested in beta-testing Audience Targeting before we released it to all of you. We also beta-tested it on our own blog to get a good feel of how the tools work for a publisher like you.

We set up several rules we wanted to test. We knew one of our best performing posts should be promoted to new visitors (people who’ve never come to our site before). So we picked our popular “When’s the Best Time to Post on Social Media?” blog post, and set up the first rule for people to share it with their friends. Here’s a screenshot of the setup in the Marketing Overlay tool:


As a result of our two week test, we saw a 3.6% conversion rate from displaying the marketing overlay to just new visitors. Our top performing rule was targeting returning visitors with an overlay message asking them to keep up with the latest news by signing up. That had over 8,900 visitors!

This is great insight that any website’s marketer (like us) is interested in learning about the site they manage. We’re definitely going to be tweaking based on our learnings, but so far, we do know that we’re getting conversions on our site we didn’t get before.

If you want to learn more about our Audience Targeting tools, register for our free webinar next week (December 11 @ 2PM EST) where you’ll see it in action and have a chance to ask any questions. If you can’t wait till next week, check out our tutorial on YouTube!

Are you thinking of trying Audience Targeting?