Piñatas, Pigs & Paintballs: #AddThisLife in 2014


Our company’s founded in a culture that challenges conventional ideas. Whether it’s how we view the open Web or how we help publishers connect with their users—or even how employees view what a workplace should be—we strive to be industry leaders. So, we felt that as we wrapped up this year, it was time for us to join others around the world and reflect on what we’ve done!


From our kick-off in January to our in-office happy hours, and from our Halloween costume party to our other holiday events, we’ve celebrated and rewarded ourselves for our hard work throughout the year. Highlights have included good hooch (always in style here!), carrying on the practice of smashed piñatas in the café, and leaning on the talented DJ-ing skills of our own employees to get the party started.


Oh, and don’t worry—we didn’t break tradition. Our Vice President of Publisher Products, Charlie Reverte once again roasted a whole pig at our annual Carlos Classic, held every summer, complete with frozen margarita machines!



It’s a nice office space—it really is! But we get cabin fever just like anybody else. This year our team had to exercise with a paintball battle. Once everyone had made up, our engineers went Topgolfing together.


Speaker Series

We have hosted the founders of evite, Disruption Corporation, and Contactually where they inspired us with their talks. These brilliant minds connected with our brilliant employees, which caused a really exciting time, amping up our creative juices.



We love meetups. Actually, it’s important to us to host meetups for our community in the tech space. About four to five times a month, we’ll host a variety of meetups at our headquarters, including NoVA UX, Big Data DC, and NoVA Tech Women. It’s our way of letting people see our office while giving back to our community.

Photo courtesy of Shana Glenzer

Foosball and the Silver Line

There’s just so much foosball played at AddThis. So. Much. And now that the Silver Line drops off right in front of our office, we invite challengers from all walks of life to come take on our engineers at their own risk.


Hackathons are our favorite times of the year. At the heart of everything we do, the projects and our passion drives us. So every quarter, when we take a day to work on new projects of all sorts, you truly see the amazing culture we have at AddThis. In fact, a lot of the best ideas that have shaped our products and culture have come from hackathons!


Check out this hyperlapse video of the design team’s latest winning project:

A Home Away from Home

I’m constantly speaking to exceptionally talented people who are interested in working at AddThis. And while I’m exploring why a particular person belongs at AddThis, I’m also trying to have them understand what makes AddThis so special.

We may host meetups, recreational outings, and incredibly fun hackathons. But what makes us different from all the other tech startups out there, is that we have a notable passion for what we do, top-caliber talent to get there, and work at an incredible scale with big companies on projects. It’s really something not every company can say!

We’re on a mission. So if you’re game for joining and helping us achieve it, check out our job openings and send me a message at jthomas-at-addthis.com.