How to Make a Successful Infographic

If you’re into marketing, design, content creation, or really anything data related online, then you’ve come across an infographic at least once. But what is an infographic and what makes one more successful than others?

Well, let’s start with the definition of infographic. An infographic is a visual image such as chart or diagram representing information or data. In this day and age of big data, infographics have become really popular to show interesting data without having to rely on charts and spreadsheets. But, infographics are more than just pretty pictures. A good infographic can show you interesting data through pretty graphics while a great infographic will tell you a story so thought provoking that the viewer will read all the nuggets of data until the conclusion. So how do you do that? Here are 5 ways you can make your infographics better.

#1. Eye Catching Header
To grab your audience’s attention try to use a eye catching catching graphics and a strong headline. Use words that are trending and will help boost SEO. Graphics should be large and help set the overall theme.

#2. Keep It Simple
Limit your color palette. Use graphics that tie to the data and at the same time tell a simple and meaningful story. Break the data into sections and don’t make your audience think too hard by presenting the information through visually clear and beautiful graphics.

#3. Shareable & Controversial Topics
Pick topics that start conversations. Use interesting nuggets of information that get people excited, make people question what they thought or leave them thinking more about it. And be sure to always credit your sources.

#4. Big Font Sizes
People share infographics on different services. Use big typography for it to look good even at a thumbnail view. On Pinterest, people first look at the listed view of the infographics while looking for inspiration or resources. If they can read the headings and understand graphics through this view then you’ve made a great infographic.

#5. Conclusion or Takeaway a Must
Give people useful information at the end of every section which they can take away or use in the future. Just like you used a graphic at the top to set the theme, make sure to also present a graphic at the end ties everything together. Below is an example of one our infographics made with the above ingredients.

Let us know what you look for or keep in mind when creating infographics!