Personalization Puts People Back at the Center


2015 is the year of personalization and it is changing everything. It means we’re putting people back at the center of the equation in how we work to acquire and sustain consumer attention. It means you’re finding the right audience and showing what matters to them, in an advertisement or on a website. This allows you to more effectively deepen the relationship that you have with those consumers, which can lead to new and bigger revenue generating opportunities.

Inefficiency is one of the biggest problems that plagues marketing. You’re not talking to the right audience or you’re showing the right audience the wrong content. This wastes considerable time and money.

With personalization, we can start to leverage the massive data sets that exist around consumer behavior to understand and engage your audiences in a relevant manner. You can personalize…

  • Distribution – Finding your audience where they are so you can drive them to your website
  • Experience – Creating a website shows the right content and calls to action to the right user at the right time
  • Creation – Having content that’s specifically tailored to the person that’s viewing it

A world without personalization is very broken. Everyone has a megaphone and is trying to capture your attention. That’s because creative tools used to be expensive and scarce. Only the rich and powerful brands could afford to get their message out. It didn’t matter if what someone created was good or not. People paid attention. People would read a book, see a movie, listen to music because their options were limited.

Now that creative tools are abundant, that’s not the case anymore. It’s never been easier to create a website, shoot a movie, record an album, start a business, or launch a product. The prices to do these things are lower than ever, if not completely free.

There’s something for everyone, every interest, and point of view. But now, how do you take what you’ve just created and turn it into a successful venture? How do you find the audience that’s going to care? How do you create an experience that’s going to get and keep them engaged? The answer is to personalize your advertising and online experience. That way you’re attracting people that matter and engaging them with things they care about so they stick around for a very long time. You put people at the center of the equation.

This isn’t a technology revolution. Personalization is a people-based revolution. At AddThis, our mission is to make the open Web personal. Through our tools for marketers, agencies, and website owners, we can help to make the Web more enjoyable for consumers and more sustainable for businesses to operate and provide us with the services and content we love.