4 Top Trending Fonts for Graphic Designers

Updated on November 30, 2018.

top trending fonts

Like most things related to aesthetics and style, graphic design has trends. Just as fashion trends come and go, so to do different types of website composition and the various design elements associated with it. As one of the most fundamental pillars of graphic design, typeface is a design element you need to get right. Staying abreast of the popular online styles will ensure your brand remains fresh, modern, and clean.

So, without further ado, here are 4 trending fonts for graphic designers to add to their arsenal:

1. Montserrat

Monsterrat is so hot right now. So hot, in fact, we use it for AddThis branding. (We are quite trendy, didn’t you know?)

top trending fonts

Designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, Montserrat is named after the neighborhood in Buenos Aires where Julieta lives. Her inspiration came from the signs in Montserrat, which is also the oldest neighborhood in the city.

The font is a geometric san-serif and comes in many different styles and weights including Light, Extra-Light, Bold, Semi-Bold, Italic, Black-Italic, etc. It is a popular font for graphic designers who favor clean and simple design.  Also, did we mention it’s free?

How to use: Montserrat is highly versatile and would be excellent for headers and content. Some typefaces it pairs well with are Open Sans, Roboto, Georgia, and Lato, to name a few.

2. IBM Plex

IBM might not be the first computing company that comes to mind when you think about design, but their Brand & Experience Team’s recent open source project to develop a corporate typeface has made a mark.

IBM Plex is a Grotesque style font, which is historically a mostly san-serif font family. But IBM Plex does include a serif option for those seeking a little more flair. A key indication that this typeface was created by designers working for a technology company is that it is known for having “excellent legibility in print, web and mobile interfaces.”

How to use: As mentioned, IBM Plex works across multiple visual mediums, so it’s a great option for web design. Think about using it for your blog or your online store to ensure optimal viewing on both desktop and mobile.

Top Trending Fonts

3. Harriet

A wonderfully beautiful serif font, Harriet, has become quite popular since its creation by Jackson Cavanagh in 2012. Similar to Montserrat and IBM Plex, Harriet is a versatile typeface thanks to various available weights. In fact, Harriet even has its own website featuring the font in all its glory.

How to use: Harriet lends itself well to use in a brochure or as a typeface on a news-related website.

Top Trending Fonts

4. Ogg

Another popular serif font is Ogg, inspired by the hand-writing of 20th century book designer and calligrapher Oscar Ogg. While it is classified as a calligraphic serif typeface, featuring more ornate characteristics, it is still considered fresh and modern, making it applicable to plenty of contemporary projects.

How to use: Consider Ogg for use in a logo to create a simple yet eye-catching brand aesthetic.

Top Trending Fonts

These trending fonts are all great examples of how influential typography is on overall design. Choosing the right typeface can be the inspiration of a whole project or even detrimental if not legible.

What are some of your favorite fonts to use when designing? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!