AddThis 2015 Annual Kickoff and Volunteer Day


With February nearly over, the year is officially underway. At AddThis, we’ve set our goals and with the help of a few new faces and a well-established culture, we’re geared up to have a heck of a year.

But first, let me backtrack. On January 22nd, we brought everyone in the company to our headquarters in Virginia for our annual kickoff. Our CEO, Rich Harris, and the executive leadership laid out a roadmap of what we plan to accomplish this year. Without giving too much away, all of us here agree on two major things: we are going to lead the conversation surrounding Web personalization in 2015, and we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it!

After a long day of meetings, we headed to Hibachi grill for some dinner and drinks. (Again, without giving too much away, we really enjoyed ourselves.)


In addition to the discussion around what we plan to accomplish, Rich shared a review of the AddThis culture. In Q4 of last year, he took some time to sit down with different teams to discuss who we are as a company, and after some long discussions we turned those conversations into a formalized set of core values. It’s with these values that we’ll continue to work hard and innovate in the ad-tech space.

Part of determining who we are as a company also sparked some introspection into how we affect our wider community – and not just the people we do business with every day. After our kickoff, our team went out into the surrounding community to provide some services to those who needed a hand.

One group helped out organizing donations at Food for Others, which is a service set up to supply food directly to people in need in Northern Virginia. A second group lent a hand painting and decorating at Hogar Immigration Services, which provides aid to newly arrived immigrants.


We really enjoyed the opportunity to give back and it’s something we plan to continue doing.

All in all, it’s safe to say the year is off to a good start. So, what’s next? Why don’t you check out and find out first hand? 2015 is the year of personalization and we’re psyched to help show the Web exactly what this means.