7 Ways to Increase Website Conversions with AddThis Marketing Tools

website-conversion-tipsYou work hard to grow your website traffic through SEO, networking and social media marketing. Then the majority of your visitors bounce before even saying hello.

What if there was a better way to market to each visitor differently based on their source, behavior or even interests? Then you could show the right message to the right user and drive your goals.

That was the thinking behind our marketing tools. Now we’re taking a closer look at the tactics that will help you drive your goals using AddThis.

1. Ask new visitors to Like your Facebook page before they leave

New visitors are likely to bounce, so you might as well try to reel them in before they leave. This way you have a shot of bringing them back in the future.

2. Offer new visitors a coupon for their first purchase

Talk about a great way to turn traffic into customers before they bounce. You can also offer discounts to users about to abandon their shopping carts as an extra bonus.

3. Ask returning visitors to sign up for email updates

Returning visitors are your most valuable lot. These visitors are 7x more likely to give you their email address and 10x more likely to share.

4. Ask visitors from social networks to share your content

Visitors from social networks are twice as likely to share as other visitors. That way you can keep spreading the word about your site in social media.

5. Show a special call-to-action for visitors based on their interests

When your message resounds with visitors, the conversion rate triples. Like sports? This approach is a total home run.

6. Roll out the welcome mat for visitors referred by other sites

Incoming referral links can be a valuable long-term source of warm leads. Welcome these folks or consider giving them a special offer or coupon on your site for double the conversions.

7. Customize a message on your site for people coming from campaigns

If you’re running email or other online marketing campaigns, you can show an Audience Targeting rule based on the campaign name or medium. The sky’s the limit with this combination – up to 30x conversions.

Bonus: You can test multiple versions of the same message with different wording, images or colors to see what works best with AddThis Pro.