Introducing the March Madness Brand Bracket


[Brand Bracket updated on April 7, 2015]

There are more than just bragging rights and a trophy at stake during March Madness this season. For major brands and advertisers, the tournament is a big opportunity to connect with a seasonal audience and increase brand engagement. For the official tournament sponsors, increasing brand engagement is especially important because the sponsorships are a big investment and thus need a big return.

This sparked the idea for our second March Madness data visualization that we’re excited to share with you today, the Brand Bracket 2015!

How It Works

In this bracket we’re using our social engagement data to measure which of the top 16 official sponsors has the greatest increase in buzz throughout the competition.

We seeded the sponsors 1-16 and based their rank on trajectory of social engagement instead of athletic performance. Each round of the tournament we’ll measure their change in social engagement and whoever has the greater increase in their pairing will advance to the next round.

Which brand do you think will win it all? Take a look and let us know in the comments below. Also, make sure you check back as we update the results!