5 Examples of What to Promote with AddThis Marketing Tools


Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time listening and talking with existing users of AddThis Pro tools – specifically the marketing tools. What’s really interesting is the diversity of the sites that they maintain. In all of the conversations we usually end up talking strategy, specifically regarding ways that they could be using the tools more effectively.

Last week, Nathan Freeburg from Minneapolis Running asked me if we had a guide on unique ways to use the tools, which led me to this post. (Thanks Nathan!) So, below are 5 unique and interesting outside-of-the-box ways to use AddThis Audience Targeting tools (no matter what kind of site you run).

We’re always telling people to use the tools to run a promotion in order to increase conversions on your site – but what about giving back to the visitor in the form of promoting a contest or giveaway on your site? It doesn’t have to be big (free t-shirt if you send us your favorite vacation spot and why) or it can be really awesome (win a trip to Costa Rica if you send us your favorite vacation spot and why). We even know of a website asking visitors to vote for their podcast in a contest they entered! It’s a great way to engage users and to start building a trustworthy relationship.

Looking to learn about how your audience perceives you or a new product you just put out? Then create a 5 question smoke survey and ask visitors to leave feedback. It’s a quick and easy way to collect feedback from a user and it shows that you care about their opinion and value their feedback. Or, before a decision is made, push out a survey asking how they feel about it or if it would be useful to them. It might help you avoid making a bad decision or change, or validate the direction you were working in.

One area of opportunity is co-marketing with the marketing tools. For instance, if you promote travel on your site, it might be to your advantage to work with a tourism bureau or local company to promote them in the tools. You could also get them to promote you on their site. It’s a unique opportunity to advertise not only your own product, but to build some strong partnerships with local or like-minded organizations.

Unique Audiences
So you’re a health and exercise site. Your audience is generally people looking for healthy recipes, exercise ideas, motivation, etc;. This means that audience targeting health interests might too general. So think about going deeper into your audience’s interests and getting more specific with your targeting. Could you go after those who have an interest in technology and show them the latest GPS watches on the market? Or target those who are interested in family and show them articles centered around healthy, family-friendly meals.

You can be much more detailed with your targeting to engage with specific audiences. And the better the tools perform around specific messages, the more you can take away from the kinds of people who are visiting your site and the kind of content they want to see.

Quirky offers
Marketing tools really are a platform to say anything you want. So why not have some fun with it? Be creative with your language and calls to action. Use images that are eye catching, but meaningful. Maybe try something completely outside of your scope, like “Would Batman or Superman win in a fight?” and create a response regarding the answer, like “Well, we agree. And wouldn’t he have wanted to tell all his friends about it on his iPhone 6!” It’s a silly way to create a personality and make your users smile.

So there you go. These are a few creative ways to use our marketing tools and generate some buzz around your site with your visitors. What are some ways you’ve used the tools to increase conversions and engagement?