AddThis Audience Targeting Tools Now Support Animated GIFs


We’re excited to announce that Audience Targeting overlays now support animated GIFs! This means that in addition to using a static image in your Audience Targeting overlay (either one of our options or one that you have uploaded), you can use GIF animation (like in the example above).

Here’s how:

1. Log in to your AddThis Dashboard and select Targeting.


2. Choose “Add a new message.”


3. Choose “Image” in the tool bar.


4. Select “Custom image.”


5. Add the URL for the animated GIF, and click Save.


Ta-da! Now you have an animated GIF in your Audience Targeting rule!

To get the most out of Audience Targeting tools for your website, we suggest testing static images AND animated GIFs. See which messages perform best and adjust your strategy accordingly. If you need some help finding animated GIFs, Giphy is a great place to start!

Are you using any animated GIFs in your Audience Targeting overlay?