How We Turned Visitors Showing Exit Intent into Customers


At AddThis, we, like all websites, care about increasing engagement and conversions on our site. In this post, we wanted to share how we were able to turn visitors showing exit intent into registered AddThis users.



We recently updated our homepage to more accurately showcase ALL that AddThis does, including our new offerings for brands and agencies, in addition to our awesome website marketing tools. While this was the right move for the company, it changed the default path for visitors looking to acquire website tools — and in particular it made it harder to highlight sharing buttons and increased the chance our visitors would bounce.


Our goal is always to optimize navigation and UX. So, as we continue to refine the look and feel of our website, we were very focused on ensuring that visitors accomplished what they came to the site to do.


In this particular case, we wanted to confirm that visitors looking for our world class Sharing Buttons could, in fact, find them. To make this easy, we installed the Audience Targeting Overlay on all potentially relevant pages. We targeted this overlay to all visitors showing exit intent. The message read “Are you looking for Sharing Buttons?” and redirected them to the sharing buttons landing page.


It worked! The Overlay successfully engaged visitors showing exit intent, and turned many of them into registered users.

Specifically, we saw:

  • 3.39% conversion rate from the overlay
  • Directly accounted for 12% of all registrations in less than 2 weeks

Call to Action

Does a 12% lift in your website’s metrics sound exciting? Learn more about how you can use the AddThis Audience Targeting Overlay to engage visitors and convert them into customers.

Are you already using our Overlay? Tell us how it’s going in the comments!