Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns with Audience Targeting


A report by Econsultancy showed that marketers spend $92 getting visitors to their site, but only $1 on engaging people once they’ve landed. As a result, site goals aren’t met and marketers are left wondering how to drive success.

At AddThis, we are focused on helping marketers meet their goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. One way we do this is through our Audience Targeting tool (formerly known as “Custom Messages”), which helps sites to target different visitor types with the relevant messages at the right time.

Recent updates to the Audience Targeting tool include:

1. Automatic email alerts when there’s a spike in traffic from a marketing campaign, associated with a specific UTM code (i.e utm_campaign=spring_sale).


2. Analytics on the number of views from that marketing campaign, by UTM code, in your AddThis dashboard.


3. Options for creating audience targeting rules for visitors from that campaign. In an overlay or welcome bar, show them the special offer that got them to your site in the first place. Rules are targeted by UTM code.


Want to give it a whirl? Set up an audience targeting rule for visitors from a specific UTM campaign code.

Note: After talking with our customers, we found that the term Custom Message wasn’t resonating. The idea of Audience Targeting (rules for who sees what content) was more familiar to more people. So, we’ve renamed it!