What EXACTLY is an Audience Targeting Rule?


Recently, we renamed our Custom Message tool the Audience Targeting tool. So, instead of creating a message, you now create a rule.

For clarity, by creating a rule you dictate WHO sees your message, HOW they see your message, and WHAT action you want them to take.

To create a rule, you first need to choose your goal. For example, do you want to collect more email addresses or promote a sale?


Next, you need to choose the audience for your message. Do you want ALL visitors, or just those that are coming back to the site for the 2nd, 3rd, infinite times? Are you targeting viewers using specific devices or coming from a specific campaign?


Leverage AddThis’ interest data to target customers with more personalized calls to action. For example, you can show someone whose web browsing indicates an interest in sports a sports-related message. Or, you can show someone who has engaged with recipes and cooking articles a food-related message. This helps increase your conversion rate while delivering a more relevant experience to each user.


Use social media as a resource. So, if they came from Facebook, ask them to like you on Facebook since you already know that they are active on that site. We’ve seen that visitors who come from a social network are 2x more likely to share content on THAT social network!


Now, control HOW users see your message. You can choose to position your message in the center, top, bottom, left or right of your site. The top and bottom are generally less invasive but still eye catching to visitors. Overlays are traditionally used when a user is showing exit intent, or when they have engaged with the site for a specific period of time. The lower left and lower right overlays are more subtle messages, and are considered useful when a visitor has engaged with your content.


To match your websites aesthetic, try changing the background and button colors. You can choose from our pre-loaded list, or create a custom color using HEX color codes.


Customize your message. To further highlight your branding aesthetic or drive a message home, use an image in the background. We’ve chosen a few that work with our audience interest options but you can choose a custom image to help reinforce your CTA.


Lastly, choose where people see your message.. If you want to hide it on your billing page, where they are hopefully taking the action you desire, you can control that in “more options”.


Get started! Once you’ve decided on what RULES to apply to your message, you’re ready to activate!


Login to your dashboard or register for an account to start creating rules today.

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PHOTO: Umba Box