How Cartelligent Drove a 445% Improvement in Lead Capture


Most marketers spend a lot of time focused on how to attract the right visitors to their site. But what happens to that traffic once it arrives? A recent study found that for every $92 in paid marketing, only $1 is spent on capturing those visitors once they arrive on site. As a result, it’s no surprise many marketers see high bounce rates and have trouble meeting their conversion goals.

So, how do you close the loop and get more out of your marketing spend? This is the question Cartelligent, a California-based car-buying website, was looking to solve with AddThis.

Jessica’s Challenge: Getting More People to Sign Up for Free Consultations

Cartelligent helps people buy or lease new cars by acting as the intermediary between the buyer and the dealership. Cartelligent’s Marketing Manager, Jessica Carstens, is constantly looking for efficient ways to grow traffic to the company’s site, and increase the number of customer leads generated by their free consultation sign-up form.

To accomplish this goal, Jessica leans heavily on content marketing. She spends valuable time creating keyword-optimized posts for their blog, such as FAQs, top ten lists, lease vs. buy analyses, and more. In fact, their blog accounts for 42% of their total monthly page views. While these efforts helped to radically increase organic search traffic to their site, it did not drive additional leads. Instead, visitors exited the site before clicking through to another page.

Upon understanding this traffic pattern, Jessica decided she needed a way to drive more people to a specific “How It Works” page, which is where visitors were most likely to sign up for a free consultation.

Jessica’s Solution: Using Audience Targeting Rules to Promote a Link

Jessica had first started using AddThis website marketing tools in July 2014, when Cartelligent added share buttons to their website. Pleased with how AddThis sharing buttons provided increased content distribution and deeper insight into visitor sharing behaviors, she figured AddThis Audience Targeting tools might help her capture more leads from the Cartelligent blog.

Jessica’s first Audience Targeting rule asked everyone who landed on their blog if they were looking for a better car buying experience. She customized the message’s background image and the overlay color to match Cartelligent’s branding, and set the rule so that when a visitor clicked “Yes”, they were brought to the “How It Works” page. To get a visitor’s attention without interrupting their content experience, Jessica set the message to appear on exit intent.

By tightening the loop on Cartelligent’s content marketing efforts, Jessica was able to increase leads from organic search by 445% in just three months!

“Since implementing Audience Targeting, we’ve seen a significant increase in people navigating to the ‘How It Works’ section of the site and, ultimately, turning into leads.”

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