ICYMI: AddThis Academy Article Round-Up January 2018

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13 Tips for Speeding Up Your Website
The speed of your website—how fast it loads into a user’s browser—is super important for two reasons, each of which can be expressed with a well-known acronym: UX and SEO. We recommend these 13 tips to ensure your webpages load as quickly as possible.

7 New Social Media Trends for 2018
Are you ready for Generation Z? Do you know what a human filter is and how to prepare for one? Here’s what to expect from social media in 2018 (and how to find success).

Best Practices for Email Subject Lines in 2018
Do you ever wonder which email subject lines get the best open rates? With all the data we have today, there is no excuse to sending an email without first understanding the impact the subject line will have on your audience. We’ve gathered the latest best practices for email subject lines to help you with your next brand outreach.

4 Ways to Improve Your SEO
We’ve all heard of SEO, right? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, optimizes your website’s content for search engines. But what is it exactly and why is it important to you? We’ve got tips to quickly skyrocket your rankings.

7 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media
One of the most effective ways to use social media for business is to build awareness for your brands and products. Here’s our list of the top ways social media can build awareness and value for your brand.

Three Ways to Increase Your Visitors’ Time on Site
When reporting on analytics, you may notice “time on site” is a key performance indicator. Time on site, in this case, literally means the number of minutes your users spent on any page of your website. We tell you how to increase this important KPI with 3 simple steps.

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