ICYMI: AddThis Academy Article Round-Up March 2018

In Case You Missed It: March

The only thing more common in March than nor’easters in New England was the stellar content coming out of the AddThis Academy. Let’s take a look back:


What Marketers Should Know About Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin. Blockchain. Booby traps (OK, maybe not that). But you’ve heard the words and maybe aren’t quite 100% sure on their meanings. We’ve got the 411 on cryptocurrency and what marketers should know.


AddThis Guide for Social Media Managers

Because being a social media manager is so much more than posting to Facebook and Twitter, we put together a guide to help our busy friends efficiently navigate the AddThis tools and analytics.


Tips to Avoid Spam Filters

You can spend valuable time crafting targeted emails and sending them to your clients, but if you’re experiencing a low open rate or aren’t seeing the clicks you’d hoped for, your emails may be ending up in spam folders. This guest post by Shea Drake gives you the tips to get your email to the right place.


What Are AddThis Personalized Services and How Do They Work?

Have you ever wondered how we select the sharing services that appear on your pages? Have you ever wondered why we recommend using Personalized Services over manually specifying your own list of services? This post seeks to shed some light on these topics.


5 Things to Consider When Localizing Your Website

Whether your website is a sales portal or a social media site, localizing it to seamlessly blend with the culture, language, and context is always a good strategy. But this often involves more than just translating the language. The experts at Venga Global gathered the top elements to consider when localizing your website for a global audience.