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Can Social Buzz Predict Video Game Sales?


The video game industry has thrived even in the midst of a recession. Revenue is over $60 billion a year, and projected to reach $82 billion by 2017. Even so, marketing is critical to make games stand out in a bulging supply. With the growth of social media, how has searching and sharing represented sales for video games? Are there predictors in the strength of a release? Continue reading

Venezuela & Ukraine: Documenting the Political Strife on Social

The political turmoil in Venezuela and Ukraine has felt close to home despite the geographic distance. With the world becoming more interconnected more rapidly then ever, issues in one nation quickly become the concerns of another. Social sharing about the events in these two countries, hemispheres apart, have been a key factor in getting the international community engaged. Meanwhile, the social and overall content engagement trends are telling an interesting story.


Continue reading

Sharing Trends for Obamacare and the Government Shutdown

In many cases, the way someone refers to a person or topic of conversation can reveal how that person feels about the subject. The same can go for sharing: the way people share content about a subject can say a lot about how they feel/think about it.

Case in point: in September and October, we saw a great deal of political conversation around health care reform in the social world. Continue reading