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AddThis Blog Refresh

With spring in the air and the cherry blossoms around DC blooming, it feels like the perfect time to roll out a new blog design, wouldn’t you agree? We rolled it out yesterday afternoon, and since then have received some good feedback – which we appreciate greatly – hopefully you like it as much as we do.

Responsive, Mobile Friendly

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Keeping It Simple with URL Design for RESTful Web Services

The following is a guest post by AddThis VP of Engineering, Charlie Reverte, posted today at APIUX.com. To read the rest of the blog post, click here to go over to their site.

URL design discussions for RESTful web services often degrade into debates over pluralization and parameter names. There are a couple of principles I like to use to keep things simple. Continue reading

Learning about cognitive science at the NoVA UX meetup

For our February NoVA UX meetup, John Whalen (PhD Cognitive Science Johns Hopkins and Founder, Brilliant Experience consultancy) shared his insights and experience about cognitive science with the group. Using videos and interactive examples, he shared learnings about how we perceive, remember, and make decisions, and how those concepts can be applied to user experience design. Continue reading